Project Ideas 2011-2012

Project Ideas for GT 2011-2012
GT “Edublog” page –
• Update with our photos, progress, projects
Internet Safety, communication with student in another country (Australia?)
• Each student would decorate and update their own page
• GT Homework assignments would be posted on it
• Acitivities like Google Map using:
o Silk Route book
o Revolutionary War curriculum
o Civil War curriculum used in classrooms to mark locations.
 Distance calculator application
 street views
 historic map overlays
 Photography
 Upload processes

• Astronomy as the study of relationships between observable, permanent, external objects.
• Solar Photography
• Telescope with Solar Filter.
• Study of the sun
o get a sense of how big it is
o what’s it made of
o What that gas looks like up close
o Build a Volcano

Orienteering and Compass Reading
• Compasses
• Orienteering Book
• Maps

“Family tree for kids” research (Use Google Map, too)

Short Shakespeare play
• set design
• characters/costumes

Projects I am thinking about:
Flu epidemic of 1918 – killed more people than WW1 – 50 million people in two years. Why don’t we know more about that?
Guaranteed, in family tree research there will be relatives that died from the flu. Kind of interesting to me that in one year all that happened and we don’t know much about it!

Digital Photography
• Adobe Photoshop
• seeing the world through a camera
• light, subject matter, “the art of subtraction”

• what it is
• what it might be like to have it
• Awareness and sensitivity to it.

Make a Bird Feeder and keep it at the window

Radio Waves
• Transistors
• digital transmission
• encoding
• encrypting

Sustainable Living
What kind of math is needed to make a house? A garden to sustain one person? Two? A boat? What else can we design with math principles?

We will build a Sierpinski Tetrahedron

Fractile Coloring Pages

Fibonacci numbers…

Statue of Liberty – stories, history, represents…

Kites, thermals, laws of aerodynamics -

The curriculum maps for 4th and 5th have expository writing in the fall. We will write a short biography about ourselves using data from family tree research
or look up someone we are interested in learning more about.
This could tie in with the Ancestry for Kids project.

Study of the Quartet for the End of Time written by French composer Olivier Messiaen in 1940 – written while he was in a Nazi concentration camp. Why would he compose a quartet in a place where survival takes all ones’ energy? What do the kids think? Maybe we


art and creativity for survival


in such times.

What are you passionate about? Feature two kids about this monthly or twice a month…
Math About Me
Accelerated Math

What’s more important is not Gifted and Talented but what people do with the IQ, talent and gifts they have. Research shows that people who deliberately practiced something they were passionate about, honed their skills, learned more about their passion made the top achievers. The quote I like is “great performance is in your own hands.”

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  1. I like these ideas very much. I was helping a GT teacher get ideas for her class and found this. It provided many great ideas!

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